Readers Dozen: Past Challenges

Here’s what we challenged you to read in previous Readers Dozen years:


January: Read a true crime book

February: Read a book with a tropical setting

March: Read an Idaho memoir

April: Read a fantasy novel

May: Read a book written by a person of color

June: Read a book with a title beginning with “j”

July: Read a book about the U.S. Space Program

August: Read a popular author you’ve never read before

September: Read a spy novel

October: Read a retelling of another story

November: Read a book about animals

December: Read a travelogue



January: Read a book with a one-word title

February: Read a book about transportation

March: Read a Children’s classic you never read

April: Read a memoir about someone still alive

May: Read a book about music

June: Read a western novel

July: Read a book published the year you graduated high school

August: Read a guilty pleasure

September: Read a graphic novel

October: Read a Pulitzer Prize winner

November: Read a play or book of poetry

December: Read a book set on a continent whose name starts with “a”



January: Read the 1st book in a series

February: Read a book about relationships

March: Read a book about sports

April: Read a book of science or science fiction

May: Read a book published the year you were born

June: Read a book made into a movie

July: Read a book that involves travel

August: Read a Young Adult book

September: Read a book that’s won a major award

October: Read a book about a historical figure

November: Read a book that’s under 200 pages in length

December: Read a non-superhero graphic novel

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