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April 2022 Readers Dozen

We’re heading into April – are you ready for a new Readers Dozen challenge?

This month, we’re asking you to read a book by an author who is the same age as you. Whatever genre or subject, you’re sure to find some common ground – and maybe even memories! We know it’s not always easy to search by birth date, but we have a couple of tricks for you to try.

First, you can check with Wikipedia. For the 20th and 21st centuries, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to each year, listing not only publications, but births and deaths as well. Here’s a link to “1984 in Literature” – notice the other years listed on the right – to get you started.

Next, you can try a search in our catalog. Instead of searching with a name in the author field, try the year of your birth. This won’t always result in an exact match (it could pull up death dates or publication dates), but it does give you a ton of authors who aren’t listed on Wikipedia. When you get the results page, be sure to narrow your search for just “books” on the left.

Once you’ve read your book, don’t forget to enter it in our April form by May 7th to be eligible for the 2022 Final Prize! We wish you good reading!