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Gearing Up For the Election

Now that the conventions for the two largest political parties are over, the candidates are racing neck-in-neck through the final stretch of the presidential race. Voters, especially those who are as yet undecided, are being bombarded with tons of information, not all of it truthful or relevant. So, we’ve compiled a list of resources for the election that we feel are helpful and (mostly) objective.


Most of these were written before the two major candidates were nominated, but they are still relevant.

Books written by the candidates:


Because basically anyone can put up a web page, we’ve chosen these sites as those where you’ll find guidance from people who aren’t necessarily working an agenda.

  • – Run by the League of Women Voters, this site will provide information on the candidates, the electoral process, and links to local sites.
  • Project Vote Smart – This site, run by a non-partisan volunteer staff, is another good resource for looking at the candidates’ records and statements.
  • Rock the Vote – With a youthful slant, this site provides information on the candidates with a focus on the issues that appeal to younger voters.
  • – Billed as a “consumer-advocate” site, this page is run by the folks at the Annenberg Center.
  • – This site is run by the Center for Responsive Politics and provides information on campaign finance, lobbying, and other issues.

Candidate Websites:

Political Parties:

This information should give you a more reasonable, balanced account of the election process this fall. The only position we wholeheartedly endorse is that of encouraging people to use their voice this November 4th and VOTE!