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Picture Your Neighborhood!

Help us preserve our local cultural heritage. During the weekend of March 3 & 4 (March 4 is Idaho Day!), step outside and take a photo of your neighborhood. Then, upload the picture and a brief description to our website:

We’ll compile the photos and add them to our historical photograph database so we’ll have a record of what Twin Falls looked like in 2018. Your great-grandchildren will thank you!

Have questions? Call the Reference Desk at 208-733-2964 ext 200 or email us:

The Way Back Machine – Best Sellers 1951

Let’s go way back today – all the way to 1951 – for a look at what we were reading in that year, according to the New York Times Best Sellers list for the week of February 11.



1.  Joy Street by Frances Parkinson Keyes

2. The Disenchanted by Budd Schulberg

3. River of the Sun by James Ramsey Ullman

4. The Disappearance by Philip Wylie

5. The Cardinal by Henry Morton Robinson

6. The Balance Wheel by Taylor Caldwell

7. Son of a Hundred Kings by Thomas B. Costain

8. The Loved and Envied by Enid Bagnold

9. The Adventurer by Mika Waltari

10. Foxfire by Anya Seton

11. The Little World of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guares Chi

12. Across the River and Into the Trees by Ernest Hemingway

13. The Witch Diggers by Jessamyn West

14. The 13 Clocks by James Thurber

15. Rivers Parting by Shirley Barker

16. Moulin Rouge by Pierre La Mure



1. Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl

2. Boswell’s London Journal by Frederick A. Pottle

3. Look Younger, Live Longer by Gayelord Hauser

4. Out of This World by Lowell Thomas Jr.

5. Rommel, The Desert Fox by Desmond Young

6. The Hinge of Fate by Winston Churchill

7. Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by Will Cuppy

8. Policy for the West by Barbara Ward

9. The Far Side of Paradise by Arthur Mizener

10. Courtroom by Quentin Reynolds

11. Little Britches by Ralph Moody

12. The Hell Bomb by William Leonard Laurence

13. Information Please Almanac 1951 by John Kieran

14. The Lady’s Not for Burning by Christopher Fry

15. Henry Gross and His Dowsing Rod by Kenneth Lewis Roberts

16. Belles on Their Toes by Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Take Ten: Winter Olympics!

The 2018 Winter Olympics get underway next week in PyeongChang, South Korea, and we’re ready to curl up and watch curling, jump on to the couch to watch ski jumping, and, well you get the idea.

If the constant commercials haven’t yet gotten you in the mood, stop in and grab one of the following items to get some inspiration – to watch and maybe to dream!



The Boys of Winter: The Untold Story of a Coach, a Dream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team – Wayne R. Coffey

  • Looks back at one of the greatest moments of twentieth-century sports history, the victory of the U.S. hockey team over the Soviet Union, assessing the meaning of the triumph and the paths of the players and coaches on both sides since 1980.

The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics – David Wallechinsky

  • Offers a compendium of statistics, stories, and images that span the history of the Winter Olympics.

Fall Line: How American Ski Racers Conquered a Sport on the Edge – Nathaniel Vinton

  • A journey into the world’s original extreme sport: downhill ski racing.

Landing It: My Life On and Off the Ice – Scott Hamilton

  • The Olympic champion skater recalls his life, from a childhood spent fighting a disease that stunted his growth to eventual triumph in the 1984 Olympics and the later revelation that he had contracted testicular cancer.

My Sergei – Ekaterina Gordeeva

  • The Olympic gold medalist offers an account of her life with her skating partner and husband, Sergei Grinkov, from their first introduction and successive skating championships, to their marriage, to the fatal heart attack that took Sergei’s life.

A Skating Life – Dorothy Hamill

  • A memoir by the Olympic gold medalist shares the secrets of her private life, from her difficulties with her alcoholic father and her emotionally distant mother to her ex-husband’s fatal plane crash and her own struggles with depression and bankruptcy.

Speed Kings: The 1932 Winter Olympics and the Fastest Men in the World – Andy Bull

  • Traces the efforts of four American athletes from disparate backgrounds to win the gold medal for bobsledding during the 1932 Olympics, profiling how the American public, deep in the grip of the Great Depression, rallied around their achievements.

Zero Regrets – Apolo Anton Ohno

  • The gold medal-winning Olympic speed skater shares his inspiring personal story and life lessons learned through training and competition.



Cool Runnings

  • Four young men form Jamaica’s first bobsled team, in hopes of competing at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.

Eddie the Eagle

  • With the help of a rebellious and charismatic coach, Eddie Edwards takes on the establishment and wins the hearts of sports fans around the world by making an improbable and historic showing at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.


Annotations for books courtesy of NoveList Plus, which offers TFPL cardholders access to even more great reading resources. Movie annotations courtesy of the studios.