Readers Dozen – November 2021

It’s a good time to get in the way-forward machine and take a trip into the unknown: this month’s Readers Dozen challenge is to read a book set in the future. Whether it’s dystopian, science-fiction, or pure speculation, futuristic books offer a look at a possible world to come. Need some ideas? Check out these sites:

Future Fiction Books (Goodreads)

21 Futuristic Books (Epic Reads)

20 Good Nonfiction Books About the Future (Mal Warwick on Books)


Looking ahead, don’t forget to get your book read and entered before Dec 7 to enter the prize drawing. Happy Reading!

Readers Dozen – October

Get ready for an exciting October! If ghosts and ghouls aren’t thrilling enough, take on our Readers Dozen Challenge, which is to read a book about a natural disaster. Of course, you can always find a book about tornados or tsunamis, earthquakes or eruptions (just throw one of those terms into the TFPL catalog for tons of results), but don’t forget about some of the truly bizarre, like:


The Year Without Summer – William Klingaman

Death in the Air – Kate Winkler Dawson

The Children’s Blizzard – David Laskin


Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 – Stephen Puleo


If you need more ideas, look at Natural Disaster Books (Goodreads) or Books About a Natural Disaster (Book Riot: Read Harder). And don’t forget you have until Nov 7 to get your entry in (here’s the form)!

Readers Dozen: September 2021

Take a ride in the way-back machine for September! The Readers Dozen challenge this month is to read a book that made one of the Best Sellers Lists of the year 2000. Need some reminders?

2000 Weekly Fiction and Nonfiction Lists from the New York Times

Amazon Best Sellers of 2000

Most Popular Books Published in 2000 (Goodreads)


Have fun and don’t forget to record your entry before Oct 7!


August Readers Dozen

Need a little energy during the dog days of August? We have just the cure – check out a book with a verb in the title. That way, you satisfy the requirements for this month’s Readers Dozen, and you also get a little action without breaking a sweat. Ideal, right? 🙂

Here’s a list of ideas to help you find just the right read:

Goodreads: Titles using -ing verbs

Cosmoquest: Stories with verbs in the title

Look for:

  • Infinitive verbs: “to” + the verb, as in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Past tense: “-ed” + verb, as in Marked for Death
  • Helping verbs: “should, will, have” + verb, as in Then She Was Gone
  • Negating word: “not” + verb, as in All the Light We Cannot See

Remember to read and fill out your entry form by Sep 7:

Readers Dozen – July

We have a really easy challenge for July’s Readers Dozen! All you have to do is pick up and read a book whose author has the same name – first or last – as a family member. So, it’s totally up to you whether you choose a mystery by Agatha Christie because of your Aunt Kristy or because of Great-Grandma Agatha or , well you get the idea.

Then, sit back, read while sipping a nice cool beverage, and then fill out the form to enter the monthly drawing. Happy July!

Readers Dozen – June

Summer is (almost) here! Our Summer Reading program starts up June 7 (check here for more info), but in the meantime, you can totally get ready for warm weather with the Readers Dozen challenge. Just read any book – nonfiction, fiction; light or serious – with a beach on the cover.

Stop into the Library for a look at our rotating display, or wade into one of these websites for ideas:

Beach Covers (Goodreads)

9 Books with Beachy Covers (Bustle)

Beach Covers (Google Images)

Once you’re done, don’t forget to enter your book:

Readers Dozen – May

Love is in the air this month! Your challenge is to pick up a romance novel – not just a book with a love story, but a genuine romance genre book. Basically, it should involve characters that fall in love and leave you with a happy ending. If all you remember are the Danielle Steel ones your grandma read, check out one of the lists below for a look at the ever-changing, all-character-encompassing, awesomely-inspiring books that make up the genre today (including Danielle Steel!)


50 Best Romance Novels of 2021, So Far! (Oprah Daily)

Best Romance Novels of 2021, So Far (Vulture)

Romance (Goodreads)

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Romance Junkies


Or, check at the Reference Desk for recommendations!


Here’s the link for this month’s entry:

Readers Dozen – April 2021

Were you forced to read {insert book title here} in junior high or high school? Did you actually read it? Or, did you read it and wonder why in the world it was considered a classic?

This month’s challenge is a chance to see if you wronged a good book – or if you were totally justified in writing an essay claiming that the book was trash. So, if Ivanhoe, or Don Quixote, or Wuthering Heights just didn’t work for you then, give it another shot! You might just discover your teenage self was perhaps a little too judgy!

Here’s the entry form for when you’re done:

Readers Dozen – March 2021

Take a journey into the heart of any big city with this month’s Readers Dozen challenge. Choose any city around the world – Paris, Prague, Phnom Penh, Port-au-Prince, even Portland! You can read fiction or non-fiction, historical or contemporary, silly or serious – just as long as it has an urban setting. Once you’ve finished reading, don’t forget to enter it into the March Readers Dozen form by April 7.


Need some ideas? Check these out:

Novels by City of Setting (Wikipedia)

10 Best City Novels (The Guardian)

10 Novels Where the City is Key (Afar)

Books Based on a City (Goodreads)

Best Books to Read in 12 Cities Around the World (Travel & Leisure)

Readers Dozen February

Are you hungry for a good book? Then, you should find the February Readers Dozen challenge satisfying: read a book about food! It could be fiction, like a cozy mystery with recipes, or nonfiction, like a chef’s memoir. As long as it has to do with food, you’re good to go. The form is here, and you have until Mar 7 to enter. Take-out a good read today!


Here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

15 Book Recommendations for Food Lovers –

Best Food Books that Are Not Cookbooks –

10 Great Food Books of 2020 – Guardian

Food Book Lists – Goodreads