Readers Dozen – April 2023

This month’s Readers Dozen is the easiest – or maybe the hardest – you’ll do all year: read a book outside your comfort zone.

First, you might have to recognize your comfort zone, and then decide how far you want to push the boundary. Read nothing but nonfiction? Go slow and pick up a historical fiction novel, or speed things up and read an epic fantasy. Love a good romance? Let things simmer with a couples’ biography or spice things up with a love-gone-wrong horror novel.

Try a different format – say an audiobook or graphic novel; or a different genre – pick up a western instead of sci-fi; or, find a subject you might not otherwise be interested in (golf, the Peloponnesian War, railroads) and look for a great read to broaden your horizons. You may just find your new favorite book!

Instead of links to ideas, here’s a link to our catalog and a random subject generator! You can always ask us for a suggestion, too. Then, fill out the April Readers Dozen form by May 7 to enter the prize contest.

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