Readers Dozen – May

Love is in the air this month! Your challenge is to pick up a romance novel – not just a book with a love story, but a genuine romance genre book. Basically, it should involve characters that fall in love and leave you with a happy ending. If all you remember are the Danielle Steel ones your grandma read, check out one of the lists below for a look at the ever-changing, all-character-encompassing, awesomely-inspiring books that make up the genre today (including Danielle Steel!)


50 Best Romance Novels of 2021, So Far! (Oprah Daily)

Best Romance Novels of 2021, So Far (Vulture)

Romance (Goodreads)

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Romance Junkies


Or, check at the Reference Desk for recommendations!


Here’s the link for this month’s entry:

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