Readers Dozen: December

Hey RD readers – congratulations! This is the last Readers Dozen challenge of 2019 (and we’ll be posting the 2020 challenges soon!). If you’ve stuck with it all year, you’re guaranteed our 2019 prize, which is still to be determined. If you’ve been up/down with Readers Dozen, you can still get entered for our final monthly prize. Either way, you should be happy – and proud – that you’ve gotten this far!

In December, your challenge is to read a travelogue. It’s a good time to “get away” for a little while, whether the craziness of the season or the weather has gotten you down. Bonus: being an armchair traveler comes without the stress of packing.

For ideas, check out our in-house display or check out one of these sites. Bon Voyage!


Armchair Travel Books (Goodreads)

Must-Read Travel Books (Bookriot)

The 86 Greatest Travel Books (Conde Nast Traveler)

50 Essential Travel Books (AbeBooks)

48 Best Travel Books for 2019 (Wanderlust UK)

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