Readers Dozen: October 2019

The Readers Dozen year is drawing to a close… just three more months! We realize it’s almost the end of October, but if you’ve been putting off reading because the month is a little longer (or because you haven’t found the right book), let us help.

The challenge this month is to read a retelling of another story. Whether it’s a fairy tale, a Greek myth, or a change in point-of-view, it just has to continue (or change) the original story a little. Here’s a list to get you started:



AIDAN, Pamela – An Assembly Such as This – Pride and Prejudice

ALLEN, Nancy Campbell – My Fair Gentleman – My Fair Lady/Pygmalion

ATWOOD, Margaret – Hag-Seed – The Tempest

ATWOOD, Margaret – The Penelopiad – The Odyssey

BAKER, Jo – Longbourn – Pride and Prejudice

BARKER, Pat – The Silence of the Girls – The Iliad

BLACKWELL, Elizabeth – While Beauty Slept – Beauty and the Beast fairy tale

BROOKS, Geraldine – March – Little Women

CHEVALIER, Tracy – The New Boy – Othello

CLINCH, Jon – Finn – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

FAYE, Lyndsay – Jane Steele – Jane Eyre

FORSYTH, Kate – Bitter Greens – Rapunzel fairy tale

FORTIER, Anne – Juliet – Romeo and Juliet

FRAME, Ronald – Havisham – Great Expectations

GARDNER, John – Grendel – Beowulf

HART, Lenore – Becky: The Life and Loves of Becky Thatcher – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

HAUSER, Emily – For the Winner – Jason and Argonauts myth

HEADLEY, Maria Dahvana – The Mere Wife – Beowulf

JACOBSON, Howard – Shylock Is My Name – The Merchant of Venice

JALALUDDIN, Uzma – Ayesha at Last – Pride and Prejudice

JENSEN, Lisa – Alias Hook – Peter Pan

JOHNSON, Daisy – Everything Under – Oedipus

JORDAN, Hillary – When She Woke – The Scarlet Letter

KAMAL, Soniah – Unmarriageable – Pride and Prejudice

LE GUIN, Ursula – Lavinia – The Aeneid

LEVINE, Daniel – HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

LEWIS, C.S. – Till We Have Faces – Cupid & Psyche myth

MAGUIRE, Gregory – Mirror, Mirror – Snow White fairy tale

MAGUIRE, Gregory – Wicked – The Wizard of Oz

MAGUIRE, Gregory – Hiddensee – The Nutcracker

MAKARYK, Mark – Nottingham – Robin Hood myth

MALERMAN, Josh – Unbury Carol – Beauty and the Beast fairy tale

MALOUF, David – RansomThe Iliad

MILLER, Madeline – The Song of Achilles – The Iliad

MILLER, Madeline – Circe – Circe myth

MILLER, Sarah – Caroline – The Little House on the Prairie

MOORE,Christopher – Fool – King Lear

MURPHY, Louise – The True Story of Hansel and Gretel – Hansel and Gretel fairy tale

NASLUND, Sara Jeter – Ahab’s Wife – Moby Dick

NESBO, Jo – Macbeth – Macbeth

NOVIK, Naomi – Uprooted – Beauty and the Beast fairy tale

OYEYEMI, Helen – Boy, Snow, Bird – Snow White fairy tale

PHILLIPS, Carly – The Lost Child  – Wuthering Heights

RENAULT, Mary – The King Must Die – Theseus, Minotaur myth

RHYS, Jean – Wide Sargasso SeaJane Eyre

RUSHDIE, Salman – Quichotte – Don Quixote

SEGAL, Francesca – The Innocents – The Age of Innocence

SELF, Will – DorianThe Picture of Dorian Gray

SHAMSIE, Kamila – Home Fire – Antigone myth

SHAYKH, Hanan – One Thousand One NightsA Thousand and One Nights

SHIELDS, Sharma – The Cassandra – Cassandra myth

SITTENFELD, Curtis – EligiblePride and Prejudice

SMILEY, Jane – A Thousand AcresKing Lear

SONNEBORN, Julia – By the BookPersuasion

TELLER, Danielle – All the Ever Afters – Cinderella fairy tale

TODD, Anna – The Spring Girls – Little Women

TYLER, Anne – Vinegar Girl – The Taming of the Shrew

WINTERSON, Jeanette – The Gap of Time – The Winter’s Tale

WROBLEWSKI, David – The Story of Edgar Sawtelle – Hamlet

ZELTSERMAN, Dave – Monster – Frankenstein

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