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Great Online Resource: Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler

The dictionary is having a comeback – or at least, the snarky version has been lately. The Twitter account for Merriam-Webster has been throwing some serious shade (if you’re older than 30, you might need to look that word up) at celebrities, politicians, and anyone else whose use of the English language is less than clear. In fact, they’ve been having so much fun tweaking others, they’ve developed quite a following – more than half a million, to be precise.

All this new interest is driving a renewed look at language. If you’re a budding wordsmith, or even just a little word-curious, check out their newest online feature. It’s called Time-Traveler and it will tell you what words came into the English language during a given year. So, check out the year you were born – or any specific year going back to Shakespeare’s time (he added a ton of new words, by the way). Putting the words into a historical context is even cooler than just looking up their meaning!