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Reader’s Dozen Challenge

If you’ve been following our Reader’s Dozen Challenge – a year-long event challenging you to read a different type of book each month – you’ll know that this month’s activity is to read a book published the year you were born. So, instead of getting in the Way-Back-Machine and looking at the best sellers of a specific year, we thought we’d share a few resources to help you with your RDC.

First, here’s a list we created at TFPL for books published during the years 1937 through 1999. We tried to include some perennial favorites, as well as popular juvenile and adult books to entice readers of any genre.

Need more? You can use Google, like we did here. Just above the covers in the right hand of the screen, you’ll find you can arrow through the years. Or, search Goodreads Listopia and do a search for books published in whatever year you like. There’s also Wikipedia – try a search for the year you want and then add “in literature” – they also offer links to other years in the right hand corner. A website that offers information on notable books for the 20th Century is The Books of the Century, which tells you which books were significant for a certain year. Keep in mind not all the books were published that year – for example, some award winners or best sellers were published in previous years. Another website that is a valuable resource for best sellers (again, watch the dates) is the Hawes New York Times Best Sellers list, which will give you week-by-week breakdowns of popular titles.

Whatever resource you use, have fun finding a book that gives you a glimpse into the world at the time of your birth!