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Take Ten: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

April (and March and February and January) brought showers this year, so we’re guaranteed plenty of pretty May flowers – even if a few weeds come along too. So, you can spend your month out in the garden, tending to the roses, or you can pick up a book like the following – with “rose” in the title – and try to ignore the aphids, weeds, thorns, and irritability that comes with that tending. After all, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and probably make you sneeze anyway.


Roses – Leila Meacham

  • Having not married in spite of their true feelings, cotton tycoon Mary Toliver DuMont and timber magnate Percy Warwick struggle with deceit, secrets, and tragedies that challenge their children and grandchildren in their small east Texas community.

Rose – Martin Cruz Smith

  • In 1872, Jonathan Blair wants only to return to Africa, but his employer demands that he go to Lancashire to find out about a missing minister, which leads to information on a recent mining disaster.

Briar Rose – Jane Yolen

  • From one of America’s most celebrated writers comes an exquisite and heartwrenching novel that no listener will forget. Jane Yolen takes the fairy tale of Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty, and tells it anew-set this time against the terrifying backdrop of the Holocaust.


Rose Cottage – Mary Stewart

  • In 1940s England, a young woman searches for information on her mother. Kate Herrick was born out of wedlock and abandoned at the age of six. Now a widow, she returns to the shuttered cottage of her childhood and finds someone was there before her.

Rose Madder – Stephen King

  • Rosie Daniels flees her nightmare marriage to find refuge in a strange city, far from her brutal husband, whose relentless savagery and mad obsessions follow her to her sanctuary.

The Tea Rose – Jennifer Donnelly

  • Her family and dreams shattered by her father’s untimely death at the hands of a ruthless tea baron, Fiona Finnegan flees East London and eventually establishes herself at the head of the tea trade in New York.


Rose – V.C. Andrews

  • After Rose Wallace’s father dies, leaving her and her mother penniless, she and her mother become live-in companions to a wealthy woman and her reclusive nephew, but as she is drawn into a world of luxury and privilege, Rose stumbles upon a hidden evil that could destroy them all.

Rose’s Garden – Carrie Brown

  • When Conrad’s wife Rose dies after fifty years of marriage, an angel in his late wife’s garden teaches him at last to reach out to other people for comfort.

Tending Roses – Lisa Wingate

  • A young woman living on a remote Missouri farm and struggling to care for her husband, baby, and ailing grandmother, Katie Benson seeks inspiration in dealing with the vicissitudes of life in the pages of her grandmother’s journal.


And, last but not least…

Roses Are Red – James Patterson

  • A brilliant criminal known only as the Mastermind orchestrates a series of bank robberies that are notable for their very precise demands–and their explosive violence when the demands are not met. Alex Cross takes on the case and as he gets close to identifying a suspect, the Mastermind pulls off the most outrageous kidnapping scheme in U.S. history–and walks away with the largest ransom ever.


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