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Take Ten: Floods!

With a warm-up on the way after our epic January snow, we’re probably going to be dealing with lakes popping up everywhere for a little while (which is possibly better than potholes?). Anyway, we thought we’d list a few books – fiction and nonfiction – that deal with flooding, in an attempt to convince you it could be worse. But be safe out there anyway!



Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City – Jed Horne

  • A view into the private worlds and inner thoughts of the victims of Hurricane Katrina to examine the aftermath of the storm and its impact on New Orleans.

The Children’s Hospital – Chris Adrian

  • Surviving in a floating hospital after the earth is flooded beneath seven miles of water, medical student Jemma Claflin finds herself possessed of strange powers that lead to an understanding of her frightening destiny.


Dark Tide: The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 – Stephen Puleo

  • Describes the 1919 collapse of a steel tank containing more than two million gallons of molasses in Boston–a disaster that claimed the lives of twenty-one people, injured 150, and caused widespread destruction–the causes of the tragedy, its aftermath, and the sweeping social changes that transformed the era.

Flood – Stephen Baxter

  • Four hostages are finally released, but they face a world suddenly inundated as vast amounts of water is released from the earth’s mantle. As the world’s cities and countries disappear under the rising seas, humanity faces unimaginable global disaster.


In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden – Kathleen Cambor

  • A bittersweet romance set against the backdrop of the greatest industrial disaster in American history: the construction and subsequent collapse in 1889 of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania dam.

The Johnstown Flood – David McCullough

  • In the spring of 1889, Johnstown, Pennsylvania was a booming coal-and-steel town. In the mountains above Johnstown, an old earth dam had been hastily rebuilt to create a lake for a summer resort patronized by the likes of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and Andrew Mellon. Warnings of possible danger were ignored, and on May 31, the dam burst, sending a wall of water through the town and killing more than 2,000 people. David McCullough examines the tragedy and the scandal that followed.


Paris Under Water: How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910 – Jeffrey H. Jackson

  • Captures the drama and ultimate victory of man over nature during Paris’s Great Flood of 1910.

The Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America – John M. Barry

  • Provides an account of one of the greatest national disasters the United States has ever experienced and its consequences.


Stillwater – William F. Weld

  • In 1938, as the inhabitants of a small valley prepare for the forthcoming flooding of their homes to create a giant reservoir, three young people stumble upon the deceitful machinations of the local lawyer and preacher, and uncover dark secrets.

The Tilted World – Tom Franklin

  • Bootleggers, revenuers, an orphaned child, extreme weather, a disintegrating marriage and romance. There are no dull characters or moments in this beautifully-written story.


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