Take Ten: Bob Dylan

636px-joan_baez_bob_dylan_cropIf you’ve been living under a rock lately (or maybe just avoiding election news), you might have missed the announcement that Bob Dylan is the recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. And, if on hearing that you thought, “I didn’t know Bob Dylan wrote books,” you’re sort of right. He was chosen on the basis of his inspirational song lyrics, but he has written a book of poetry and the first volume in an autobiography. And, though the choice may be unconventional, his lasting impact – using words to prompt change – is undeniable.



Bob Dylan in America – Sean Wilentz

  • A noted historian presents an assessment of Bob Dylan and his music that draws on unprecedented access to rare materials and illuminates key cultural influences.

The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia – Michael Gray

  • A look at the man, his influences, and how he has influenced the world.

Chronicles, Volume 1– Bob Dylan

  • The first volume of this autobiography explores the critical junctions in Dylan’s life and career.

Tangled Up in the Bible: Bob Dylan and Scripture – Michael J. Gilmour

  • A look at Dylan’s lyrics through the lens of his use of elements of the Good Book.

Tarantula – Bob Dylan

  • A combination of lyrics, poetry, prose from the legendary singer/songwriter.



Blood on the Tracks

Fallen Angels

Highway 61 Revisited

John Wesley Harding

Modern Times

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