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Great Online Resource: Mango Languages

Some of us are starting to get cabin fever – so it’s a good thing Spring Break is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning a trip across the state or across the Atlantic, it’s a good bet you’re starting to think about what you’ll need. So, while you’re packing your bermuda shorts and sunscreen, don’t forget to pack the Mango Languages app!

TFPL provides a subscription to this awesome language learning tool to all of our cardholders, which gives you free access to the program wherever you are. The system works just fine on a PC, but with mobile apps, you’re able to take those languages with you (because you never know when you might need to know a few key words in Portuguese, am I right?). And, with over 60 foreign languages – and 19 ESL courses – you can become fluent in more than one! The courses are interactive, some even offer movies, and they have a translate option for words and phrases on the go. Plus, there are a few “specialty” courses, like Oktoberfest German, Religious/Scholarly Greek, and Russian slang, for whatever situation you might find yourself in (no judgment here – it’s Spring Break, after all).

If you’re inside the Library, you can sign in as a guest and start learning right away. Outside of the Library, create an account so you can track your progress and see which lessons you’ve completed. Hav det sjovt!