Take Ten: “Fall”ing Leaves

We’ve been trying to hold on to summer, but Mother Nature is not-so-subtly trying to propel us into autumn. The chill in the air, the shorter days, the falling leaves – all of these should start to get us into the fall mood (though maybe the pumpkin-spice flavored foods that have seemed to proliferate like crazy this season will do it first).

We’ll help things along by offering a selection of books that have the word “fall” in the title. Maybe we can fake it till we make it this season…



Adam’s Fall – Sandra Brown

  • Physical therapist Lilah Mason meets her match when she takes Adam as a patient, and as he challenges her methods and her authority, she finds herself falling in love.

All Fall Down – Ally Carter

  • After being hospitalized for insisting that her mother was murdered, not killed in an accidental fire, Grace goes to live with her grandfather for a fresh start, but when she sees her mothers murderer again, her past comes back to haunt her.

The Fall of Princes – Robert Goolrick

  • What happens when you can get anything you want, and what does it really end up costing you? This is the story of the people working in the financial industry during the 1980s – a time interwoven with the reality of AIDS, cocaine and the changes going on in society.

Fall of Night – Maberry

  • In the midst of a zombie plague launched by a mad scientist, policewoman Desdemona (“Dez”) Fox and journalist Billy Trout are trying to protect a school building full of uninfected people, and their associates are also in desperate situations — one at the White House and the other trapped by the zombie who started it all.

Hard Fall – Ridley Pearson

  • On the trail of an international trigger man responsible for planting at least two bombs on planes, FBI agent Cameron Daggett comes face to face with frightening ghosts from his past.

How to Fall – Jane Casey

  • When sixteen-year-old Jess Tennant’s mother takes her to spend the summer in the tiny English town where she grew up, people look at Jess as if they have seen a ghost due to her resemblance to her cousin Freya, who died shortly before Jess arrived and towhom Jess feels a strange connection.



The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire – Edward Gibbon

  • The classic that recounts the events that led to the fall of the Roman Empire, from the second century A.D. to the fifteenth century A.D.

The Fall Line: How American Ski Racers Conquered a Sport on the Edge – Nathaniel Vinton

  • A journey into the world’s original extreme sport: downhill ski racing.

Perfect: The Rise and Fall of John Paciorek, Baseball’s Greatest One-Game Wonder – Steven K. Wagner

  • On the final day of the 1963 major-league baseball season, Houston Colt .45s teen sensation John Paciorek–in his one and only big-league game–went three-for-three, notched three RBI and scored four times. Then, a back injury dropped him just as quickly back down to the minor leagues, where he soon departed from baseball forever.

They Are All My Family: A Daring Rescue in the Chaos of Saigon’s Fall – John P. Riordan

  • Safe in Hong Kong, Riordan could not imagine leaving behind his employees and defied instructions from his superiors not to return to Saigon. But once he did make it back on the last commercial flight, his actions were daring and ingenious. Decades later, Riordan has located the Vietnamese and reconnected with them, sharing accounts of those frantic days and the derring-do it took to get them out to safety


Annotations are from NoveList Plus, which offers readers information on authors, books, and series.

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