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Great Online Resource: Zinio

Magazine subscriptions can get expensive – and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. If you’re like me, a pile will build up at home before I get a chance to sit down and read (and often, I scan them instead of reading in depth). Of course, you can always ease this fix by dropping in to the Library to read the latest issue. But in case that’s not possible, we have a database that will make it a lot easier to read your favorite magazines wherever and whenever you want.

First, navigate to our homepage and then click on the “digital” tab. On that menu, choose “downloads” and then “e-magazine” which will take you to our collection via ZINIO. We offer over 100 magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Motortrend, National Geographic, and Glamour, plus a ton more hobby/interest based. From the Zinio main page, click “Create New Account” and enter some basic information. Once that’s done, you can read a magazine in your browser, or download the app for free to use on your mobile device.

Using the app is easy – when it prompts you for your Library, just click on “Idaho Digital Libraries” and enter the information that you used to set up your account. Then download the magazine. Since the entire magazine downloads into the app, you’ll be able to read your magazine even if you don’t have a wifi connection. You can keep any magazine you download for as long as you like, and you can also delete magazines within the app.

Easy, peasy – right? And you don’t have a pile of magazines making you feel guilty. Give us a call at 733-2964 ext 200, or stop by the Reference Desk if you have questions or need help with the app.