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Take Ten: “Independence” Day

Whether you’re chillin’ or grillin’ this weekend, you still might find yourself with a little extra time to read. And what better way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday than to read a little about “independence?” Each of the following books uses that word in the title, so there’s a built in excuse to justify your interest in something other than the fireworks. (Oh, who am I kidding – nothing beats fireworks!)



Daughter of Independence – Simon Brown

  • As the people of Kydan, in an attempt to survive, work to make the New Land a trading empire, Strategos Galys Valera, the war leader of the colonists, must search for the secret papers hidden by her murdered lover, which hold the key to keeping the evil magic of the Hamilayan Empire at bay.

Independence! – Dana Fuller Ross

  • In 1837, a group of pioneers sets out from Long Island to Independence, Mo., on the first leg of a journey to claim the Oregon territory. Among them are the fiery widow Claudia Humphries and Sam Brentwood.

Independence Day – Richard Ford

  • Real estate agent Frank Bascombe moves into his newly married ex-wife’s old home, and is looking forward to the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, but somehow nothing turns out the way he expects.

Independence Day: Silent Zone – Stephen Molstad

  • A “prequel” to the tale of extraterrestrial invasion dramatized in the blockbuster 1996 film, Independence Day, details an evil government conspiracy to conceal the reputed UFO landing in Roswell. National ad/promo.

The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet – Colleen McCollough

  • The best-selling author of The Thorn Birds presents a sequel to Pride and Prejudice that finds the willful third Bennet sister setting out in her late thirties in pursuit of adventure while her sisters worry about her at home.



Beyond Fossil Fools: The Roadmap to Energy Independence by 2040 – Joseph M. Shuster

  • Develops a plan to fulfill the energy needs of the United States through a combination of sun, wind, and atomic energy.

In Hock: Pawning in America from Independence through the Great Depression – Wendy A. Woloson

  • The definitive history of pawnbroking in the United States that demonstrates that the pawnshop was essential to the rise of capitalism.*

Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too – Jenni Schaefer

  • The story of a woman’s break from an abusive relationship and how she began seeing her eating disorder in a new light, which helped her overcome it.*

Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality – Danielle Allen

  • Explores three major themes of the Declaration, equality, liberty, and the abiding power of language, while discussing the challenges of writing a document designed to forge a social contract that reflected the desires of the population.

Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence – Joseph J. Ellis

  • Presents a revelatory account of America’s declaration of independence and the political and military responses on both sides throughout the summer of 1776 that influenced key decisions and outcomes.


Annotations are courtesy of NoveList Plus and the TFPL Catalog(*).