Great Online Resource: NoveList Plus

Here on the blog, we use the NoveList Plus database to pull annotations for book descriptions, but there is more to NP than that. If you are a reader, a site like NP can really enhance your experience. Need to know what’s next in a series? Or, want some suggestions for readalikes? Or, maybe you’d like to read what the critics had to say about a book you want to read? Well, NoveList Plus is a good resource for all of this and more.

You’ll find discussion guides and other articles on featured books and authors – all for a range of interests and ages; kids, teens, and adults are all covered by NoveList Plus. Fiction and narrative nonfiction are also both included, so whatever topic you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a book that will entertain and/or inform. Plus, since they have that great collection of plot synopses, you’re able to search for the book you can’t completely remember the title or author of.

So, give NoveList Plus a try next time you have a question about a good book. It’s almost like talking to your Librarian!

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