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Take Ten: A “Gem” of a Read

Gems are plentiful here in the Gem State, but what about in the land of literature? Of course, some of the better-known rocks (rubies, anyone?) may be used in titles or even in plotlines, but the majority of these hard working gemstones are somewhat ignored. Until today, that is! The following are all books with the name of a more obscure gem in their titles. Give one a chance to prove it’s a “diamond” in the rough…


The Amber Room by Steve Berry

  • When her father dies under suspicious circumstances, Rachel Cutler finds everything she loves threatened by the rival quests of two art collectors who seek one of the world’s greatest treasures, lost after the Second World War.

Citrine by Kathryn Quick

  • Ali Archer is the last one standing. One by one she has watched her siblings fall in love after getting one of their grandmother’s rings from their mother. She is determined not to let the last ring get her (Summary from the TFPL catalog.)

The Finding of Jasper Holt by Grace Livingston Hill

  • ┬áIs Jasper Holt the nice young man Jean Grayson met on the train on the way to Hawk Valley, or is he the rough, irresponsible cowboy Jean’s brother-in-law claims him to be?

Garnet by Carolyn Brown

  • Garnet Dulan, a saloon piano player, is wrongly accused for a bank robbery and murder, and finds herself attracted to the sheriff who arrested her. (This is the fourth in Brown’s Promised Land series.)

Obsidian Prey by Jayne Castle

  • A rune’s mysterious power puts prospector Lyra Dore and cutthroat businessman Cruz Sweetwater in danger, and only by trusting their psychic instincts will Cruz and Lyra survive–and surrender to the desire that binds them. (This book is the seventh in the Planet Harmony series.)

On Agate Hill by Lee Smith

  • Discovered in the ruins of a North Carolina plantation, an old box of mementos brings to life the world of young Molly Petree, an orphan growing up in the smoldering remains of the post-Civil War American South.

Orc’s Opal by Piers Anthony

  • In the kingdom of Rud, Charles, Merlain, and their brother, Dragon Horace, are in the center of a plot against Kelvin as they seek to steal the treasure of the Orc Kingdom. (This is the fourth book of the Dragon’s Gold series.)

Red Jade by Henry Chang

  • NYPD Detective Jack Yu’s investigation of a possible murder-suicide at a historical Tong battleground leads him to Seattle’s Chinatown, where he tracks a Chinese-American gangster and a mysterious Hong Kong femme fatale. (This is the third entry in the Detective Jack Yu mysteries.)

Topaz by Leon Uris

  • A Russian defector tries to get the French to believe that a Soviet espionage network called Topaz has infiltrated their government.

Tourmaline by Joanna Scott

  • A family heads for an island off the coast of Italy hoping to make a fortune in jewels, but instead is embroiled in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a local girl.


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