The Way Back Machine – Best Sellers 1981

Let’s head back 33 years and take a look at 1981. The year started with the release of the Iran hostages, and ended with Muhammad Ali’s last fight. Plenty of other things happened in between. Perhaps you remember…

  • The shooting of President Reagan in March.
  • Lady Diana Spencer marries Charles, the Prince of Wales in July.
  • MTV, the first 24-hour music video channel, begins in August.

All momentous stuff to happen in one year, isn’t it? Beyond those events, we can take a look at the New York Times Best Sellers for the week of October 18, 1981 and see quite a few beloved authors – even some who are still publishing today. Check out one of these oldies, but goodies, the next time you drop into the Library.



1. The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving

2. Cujo by Stephen King

3. The Cardinal Sins by Andrew M. Greeley

4. The Third Deadly Sin by Lawrence Sanders

5. Noble House by James Clavell

6. The Last Days of America by Paul Erdman

7. Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith

8. The Glitter Dome by Joseph Wambaugh

9. Luciano’s Luck by Jack Higgins

10. Night Probe! by Clive Cussler

11. Bread Upon the Waters by Irwin Shaw

12. The Clowns of God by Morris West

13. False Witness by Dorothy Uhnak

14. Goodbye, Janette by Harold Robbins

15. License Renewed by John Gardner



1. The Beverly Hills Diet by Judy Mazel

2. The Lord God Made Them All by James Herriot

3. Never-Say-Diet Book by Richard Simmons

4. How to Make Love to a Man by Alexandra Penney

5. The Cinderella Complex by Colette Dowling

6. Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life by Miss Piggy (as told to Henry Beard)

7. Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book by Jane Brody

8. Living Alone & Liking It! by Lynn Shahan

9. The Eagle’s Gift by Carlos Castaneda

10. Theory Z by William G. Ouchi

11. Keep It Simple by Marian Burros

12. You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen

13. Cosmos by Carl Sagan

14. The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite

15. Mornings on Horseback by David Mccullough


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