Great Online Resource – Reader’s Corner

One of the wonderful things about the Internet (for readers, that is) is the ability to find great author interviews. Whether they’re found in print, audio, or video format, the interviews can often bring to light ideas or contextual information that might be missing from the actual work. Plus, there’s always a chance the interviewer will ask about the whys and hows of crafting of the book – which can be fascinating in its own right.

Locally, we’re lucky that our NPR station (KBSW – Boise State Public Radio) broadcasts author interviews in a program called “Reader’s Corner.” Bob Kustra, the President of BSU, hosts, taking time out of his busy schedule to read and then talk with the authors. A good many of the authors he speaks to have written nonfiction, and quite a few have some tie to Idaho (see his interviews with Idaho author Anthony Doerr about his brilliant novel, All the Light We Cannot See.) The actual interviews are broadcast on Friday evenings, but there are also apps available for the podcast. And, far from spoiling the reading of the books, Kustra’s interviews will make you want to come in to the Library and pick one up. A win-win situation all around!

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