Snake River Canyon 1, Evel Knievel 0

Sep 9 1974_full    September 8, 1974 was a disappointing day for many Americans; not only were they reeling from the news that Gerald Ford had issued a pardon for Richard Nixon, but their favorite dare-devil had failed in his attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon. Evel Knievel’s rocket parachute opened shortly after take-off, rendering his whole jump a disaster. Nowhere was there more disappointment than in Twin Falls – the newspaper the next day offered many opinions from the masses who had gathered to witness the event. The excitement of the jump had brought national exposure, both wanted and unwanted, and repercussions that the community felt for long afterward.

   Knievel’s stunt may have been the epic fail of the 70s – the chaos surrounding that event still lingers on in our collective memories – but it did bring about a few positives. The people of Twin Falls learned a few lessons about big-time promotion, as well as the idea that we could survive the outcome of such an event. Plus, it put our area on the map – and you know the saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

   Relive the event – without the problems – by reading the Twin Falls Times-News accounts of the jump:

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