Great Online Resource: Supertracker

With everyone making their New Year’s Resolutions this month, we thought we’d see if we could help make things easier (unless, of course, you’ve already made and broken your resolutions). You can stop into the Library for some great print resources – we’ve got a book for almost every resolution you could think of. But if you’re like a majority of the population, one of your goals is to lose all that extra weight. Beyond the hundreds of diet and fitness books we carry, we thought we’d present a great online resource. So, while we can’t do your exercising for you, we have found a tool that might prove to be useful.

The USDA has put together what they call the “SuperTracker,” which is a resource to help you track your intake of food, your weight and your exercise. You can create a personalized profile or use a general plan, each of which give you calorie guides, nutritional information, and support links. And if you create a profile, you can even save your favorite foods and add recipes. It’s easy enough for most adults, with helpful hints about how to improve your family’s health along with your own. Best of all it’s free, which helps you out with another resolution (right?).

Give it a shot and challenge yourself not not only keep your resolution this year, but get healthier in the process. Get tracking!

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