B is for Bagpipes

Let’s take a jaunt across the pond and visit the land of the Scots.(Or, rather, let’s save our money and take a look at books that are set in Scotland.) It’s a country possibly most famous for its invisible creature (Loch Ness), its interesting clothing (kilts), and its inedible foods (haggis). Look beyond the superficial and you’ll find its natural beauty and history even more fascinating. So, if you’re interested in seeing Scotland in a different light, try one of the following series.


Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series combines historical fiction, fantasy, and romance. It’s the story of Claire Randall, a 2oth Century woman who suddenly finds herself transported back to 18th Century Scotland and a dashing Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser.

Book 1: Outlander  (Series List)


M.C. Beaton’s Hamish MacBeth solves mysteries in the small Highland village of Lochdubh. Though he loves his job, he is often at odds with his superior and must find ways to work around the system.

Book 1: Death of a Gossip (Series List)


Alexander McCall Smith has two series that give readers the flavor of Scotland. In the Sunday Philosophy Club series, Isabel Dalhousie  edits a small philosophy journal and wades through the conundrums of her own life (as well as those of others). The 44 Scotland Street series tells the stories of a number of tenants living at the address, including a precocious 5-year old, his mother, and their eccentric neighbors.

Book 1: The Sunday Philosophy Club (Series List)

Book 1: 44 Scotland Street (Series List)


Dorothy Dunnett was a master of dense, historical fiction. Her Lymond Chronicles follows the adventures of Frances Crawford of Lymond, a son of Scotland whose antics, which take him across Europe, make him dangerous as well as beloved.

Book 1: The Game of Kings (Series List)


Ian Rankin writes contemporary hard-boiled crime fiction. His Inspector Rebus series centers on John Rebus and the gritty side of corruption and organized crime in Edinburgh.

Book 1: Knots and Crosses (Series List)


Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series is a blend of paranormal and time-travel romance. Though the books can stand-alone, they do feature recurring characters who bridge the fae and human worlds.

Book 1: Beyond the Highland Mist (Series List)


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