Great Online Source: Mango Languages

jpeg-mango-logo-for-cmykIf you’ve ever tried to learn a different language, you know how difficult it can be if you’ve only got a dry, old textbook for reference. That’s what makes our subscription to Mango Languages so appealing – it is as far removed from a textbook as you can get without a personal tutor.

First, it’s interactive; you can hear it and even add your own voice to the mix. Plus, there are quizzes to review what you’ve learned at the end of lessons. Second, it’s online, which means you can access it from virtually anywhere, and there’s even a mobile app. Finally, it’s easy! With a simple flashcard system that delineates parts of speech and provides phonetic pronunciation, Mango makes learning a language a lot less difficult than your high school French teacher (Bonjour, Madame Saul).

With over 50 foreign language and 16 ESL courses, Mango will give you the basics for whatever language you want to try out – including a “Pirate” course, complete with jokes to round out your cultural experience. To access, make sure you’ve got your TFPL card, and then click here.

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