The Way Back Machine – Best Sellers 1968

The year 1968 was a turbulent one in the U.S., probably remembered primarily for the assassinations of two great Americans – Martin Luther King, Jr (April 4) and Robert F. Kennedy (June 5).  But, if we look beyond those tragedies, we’ll remember a year when:

  • Laugh-In debuts (January)
  • The Boeing 747 debuts (September)
  • Apollo 8 becomes the first manned space craft to orbit the moon (December)


Step back into the vibe of the times with a good read from the New York Times Best Seller list from the week of February 18, 1968. Groovy!



1. The Confessions of Nat Turner – William Styron

2. Christy – Catherine Marshall

3. Topaz – Leon Uris

4. Vanished – Fletcher Knebel

5. The Gabriel Hounds – Mary Stewart

6. The President’s Plane Is Missing – Robert J. Serling

7. The Instrument – John O’Hara

8. Where Eagles Dare – Alistair MacLean

9. Rosemary’s Baby – Ira Levin

10. The Chosen – Chaim Potok



1. Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York – Stephen Birmingham

2. Nicholas and Alexandra – Robert K. Massie

3. Between Parent and Child – Haim G. Ginott

4. Tolstoy – Henri Troyat

5. Rickenbacker – Edward V. Rickenbacker

6. The Naked Ape – Desmond Morris

7. Memoirs – George F. Kennan

8. Thomas Wolfe – Andrew Turnbull

9. The Economics of Crisis – Eliot Janeway

10. At Ease: I Tell Stories to Friends – Dwight D. Eisenhower


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