The Way Back Machine – Best Sellers 1973

Remember 1973? There are probably a few of us who would rather not – I mean, look at the fashion (non)sense people had in those days. Shag carpeting, appliances in not-so-natural colors, and of course, bell bottom pants. It’s a good thing I can claim to be a baby during that unfortunate period of style.

But, 1973 can also be remembered for being the year in which:

  • Elvis performs in the first worldwide concert telecast. His “Aloha from Hawaii” special was seen by millions of people in 40 countries (January).
  • The World Trade Center officially opens (April).
  • Bruce Lee dies while working on Enter the Dragon (July).

Relive the glory days (this time without the rust colored macrame plant holders) with one of the following books, from the New York Times Best Sellers list from the week of October 21, 1973.



1. The Hollow Hills – Mary Stewart

2. Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut

3. The Billion Dollar Sure Thing – Paul Emil Erdman

4. World Without End – Jimmy Breslin

5. The Honorary Consul – Graham Greene

6. Once is Not Enough – Jacqueline Susann

7. The Salamander – Morris L. West

8. Harvest Home – Thomas Tryon

9. Curse of the Kings – Victoria Holt

10. Facing the Lions – Tom Wicker



1. The Joy of Sex – Alex Comfort

2. How to Be Your Own Best Friend – Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz with Jean Owen

3. The Making of the President – Theodore H. White

4. The Onion Field – Joseph Wambaugh

5. In One Era and Out the Other – Sam Levenson

6. Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution – Dr. Robert Atkins

7. Pentimento – Lilian Hellman

8. Sybil – Flora Rheta Schreiber

9. Cosell – Howard Cosell

10. Weight Watchers Program Cook Book – Jean Nidetch


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