Infographics and Library Numbers

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of info-graphics lately. They are basically just visual representations of information (this site offers one a day on random stuff), and I’ve wondered how easy they are to create. You could probably design them using any graphics program – a librarian at the Lawrence Public Library in Kansas did this one on The Hunger Games readalikes using PowerPoint Publisher – but like anything when you’re starting from scratch, it can take some time. So, I researched a few of the sites that do it, for free, just to see how they work.

I used for the one below (though there are many others including and It was basically easy – in fact, it probably took me longer to decide a topic than it did to actually make it. My infographic includes statistics for the Twin Falls Public Library from 2011. Behold:

Not perfect, but not too bad. And, it gives you an idea of the scope of our services and programs. If you’re looking for a fun or more interesting way to present information, you might try creating an infographic. See what kinds of cool (or boring) info you can jazz up!

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  1. Posted by Molly on September 10, 2012 at 5:05 pm


    Just wanted to say that I actually made The Hunger Games graphic using Microsoft Publisher, not Powerpoint. I’ve experimented with easely too, but found that it was quicker and more efficient to use Publisher.


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