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I is for Investigatore

The boot-shaped country of Italy is our focus this week, as we take a look at fictional Italian detectives (investigatore is Italian for detective, in case you were wondering).  Although we don’t always associate European murder mysteries with the warmer Mediterranean climates – think of the cold Swedish noir or the English house mysteries – it only makes sense that those hot-blooded Italians would offer great fictional crimes (of passion, and otherwise).

Besides, as PBS re-airs the popular series Zen based on the Aurelio Zen books by Michael Dibdin (and watching Rufus Sewell in the lead role is half the fun), it’s great time to become a Latin crime-lover.



Lindsey Davis – Marcus Didius Falco

Steven Saylor – Roma Sub Rosa series



Grace Brophy – Commissario Cenni

Andrea Camilleri – Inspector Montalbano

Michael Dibdin – Aurelio Zen

Conor Fitzgerald – Commissario Alec Blume

David Hewson – Nic Costa

Donna Leon – Commissario Guido Brunetti