Are You Hungry for a Mystery?

If you’re looking for a fun, easy read, check out a cozy mystery. Cozies are “softer” mysteries; they are often set in smaller towns, involve amateurs rather than professional detectives, and focus on the characters as the plot moves along. Think of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries as a sort of template (or the television show, Murder She Wrote).

Within this subset of mysteries are what I like to call the quirky mysteries. They are usually set around a theme – say, knitting or tea shops. They are generally series books, and it’s always fun to see how our amateur detectives will get out of the latest problem. Today, we’ll feature some of the quirkies with a food-based or culinary theme; some even include recipes!


Authors of Culinary Mysteries


JoAnna Carl – Chocoholic Series

Sammi Carter – Candy Shop Series

Laura Childs – Tea Shop Series

Cleo Coyle – Coffeeshop Series

Philip Craig – Martha’s Vineyard Series

Isis Crawford – Catered Series

Diane Mott Davidson – Goldy Schulz Series

Nancy Fairbanks – Carolyn Blue Series

Jerrilyn Farmer – Madeline Bean Series

Joanna Fluke – Hannah Swensen Series

Tamar Myers – Pennsylvania Dutch Series

Katherine Hall Page – Faith Fairchild Series

Joanne Pence – Angie Amalfi Series

Virginia Rich & Nancy Pickard – Eugenia Potter Series

Susan Wittig Albert – China Bayles Series


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