N is for Noel

The word “noel” comes from the Latin natalis, which means birthday – which is definitely appropriate for the occasion. Although you see it in a few English language songs (The First Noel), we usually think of it as a French word – “Joyeux Noel”. Outside of Christmas, it’s also used as a name; it was most popular as an American boy name in 1938.

In the spirit of the season, here are a few books written by authors with “Noel” in their names. Enjoy(eux Noel)!


Noel Alexandre

Noel Barber

Noel Thomas Boaz

Noel-Anne Brennan

Noel Falk

Noel Riley Fitch

Noel B Gerson

Noel Grove

Noel T Holley

Noel Hynd

Jean Noel Jeanneney

Noel Kingsbury

Noel M Loomis

Noel Malcolm

Alyson Noel

Katharine Noel

Noel Perrin

Noel M Tichy

Noel Whittall

Noel F Snyder

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