Drink up!

Norman Rockwell's "The Soda Fountain" (1953 - Saturday Evening Post)

If you’ve been in the supermarket lately, you’ll know that it’s been overrun by beverages of all sorts. There are aisles dedicated to the latest “energy” drinks,  and I’ve begun to notice that nostalgia sodas are now all the rage (I can’t pass up a red cream soda!).  And here in America, we make big business out of colored liquids – see Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Budweiser. Whether we use drinks to get us moving in the morning, help us stay awake during the day, or let us relax when we get home at night, we sure seem to be consuming a lot of fluids (hopefully in moderation!).

Quench your thirst (reading-wise as well as physical) with a book about the beverage of your choice:


100 Health-Boosting Drinks: Juices, Smoothies, Coolers, Infusions, and Soups

Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer – Maureen Ogle

The Bartender’s Black Book – Stephen Kittredge Cunningham

The Beer Book

The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day – Natalie Savona

Cocktail Basics: All You Need to Mix Fab Drinks – Bibiana Behrendt

Coffee: A Dark History – Antony Wild

The Complete Homebrew Beer Book: 200 Easy Recipes from Ales and Lagers to Extreme Beers and International Favorites – George Hummel

Drink: A Social History of America – Andre Barr

Drink This, Not That – David Zinczenco

A History of the World in 6 Glasses – Tom Standage

Hot Chocolate: 50 Heavenly Cups of Comfort – Fred Thompson

I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks – Susan M. Zimmer

The Juicing Bible – Pat L. Crocker

Let Me Tell You About Wine: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Wine – Oz Clarke

The Pleasures of Tea: Recipes and Rituals – Kim Waller

Power Drinks and Energy Tonics – Tracy Rutherford

The Punch Bowl: 75 Recipes Spanning Four Centuries of Wanton Revelry – Dan Searing

Smoothies and Shakes – Elsa Schepelem-Petersen

The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide – Mary Lou Heiss

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook: A Guide to Enjoying the World’s Best Teas – Mary Lou Heiss

Ultimate Guide to Pitcher Drinks: Cool Cocktails for a Crowd – Sharon Tyler Herbst

What to Drink With What You Eat: The Definitive Guide  to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea – Even Water – Based on Expert Advice from America’s Best Sommeliers – Andrew Dornenburg

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