Adult Summer Reading 2011 – Week One: Europe

Since this year’s Adult Summer Reading theme is NOVEL DESTINATIONS, we thought we’d take a closer look at books set on each of the continents (and we separated the U.S. from the pack , so it  will get it’s own look). Our first stop features books with a unique sense of Europe.

1. If you like the idea of travel, but not the hassle, check out the Europe Armchair Traveler Booklist designed by your TFPL Reference Librarians.

2. Nordic Noir is hot right now. If you like Stieg Larsson, you might want to give another one of these Scandinavian authors a try:

3. Want to try a classic? Here are a few ideas:

4. Here are a few of my own personal recommendations for books set in Europe:

The Black Tower by Louis Bayard – In 1818, Hector gets pulled into a murder inquiry by the charismatic director of France’s new national police force, the legendary Vidocq.

Niccolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett – This is the first in the “House of Niccolo” series. Niccolo is a young man ahead of his entrepreneurial time, which just happens to be the Renaissance. The series ranges all over Europe.

The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies – A POW camp creates tension in Esther’s village in Wales, bringing old issues, as well as loyalties, to the surface.

The Little Book by Selden Edwards – An aging rocker finds himself transported back in time to 1897 Vienna.

Pompeii by Robert Harris – Marcus, a Roman engineer, is called on to inspect an aqueduct in the Bay of Naples, and finds evidence something is happening with Mt. Vesuvius.

The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer – Prior to WWII, Andras leaves his native Hungary and finds love in Paris, but historical events are going to change everything.

The Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte – A secret in an old painting leads Barcelona art restorer Julia on a chase to uncover a modern killer.

5. Want to try a good European history? Look for one of these:

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