Social Networking for Book Nerds!

We know you’ve all heard of Facebook and Twitter, but did you know there are community sites for more specific groups? For those of you who are interested in reading, you might want to check out one of the social networking sites designed for book lovers. These sites are great places for you to get reviews from actual readers, connect with authors, and even enter drawings for advanced copies of books. As Librarians we also love that you can keep track of the books you read –  creating “shelves”, recommending titles to friends, and even checking your statistics to gauge your reading habits.

The three most popular book community sites are:

  • Goodreads (free site – you will need an email account to sign up)
  • LibraryThing (you can add up to 200 books for free; it’s $10/year or $25 for a lifetime account)
  • Shelfari (free site – can connect to your information)

There are other sites out there, so if none of these strike your fancy, do a Google search for book networking sites. (Check out what your friendly Reference Librarians are reading here.)

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