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D is for Doctor

One of the novels I’m reading currently was written by a physician, which started me thinking about other physicians who write. A couple of them (Khaled Hosseini, Josh Bazell) have written some of my favorite books. That got me to wondering – what is it about physicians that make them good writers? Or does this just happen to be a coincidence?

Regardless, here’s a list of writers who just happen to be doctors (I haven’t included psychiatrists or psychologists – just physicians), along with a selection of their works. Some of them write about medicine, but quite a few have taken a different tack. Starred entries are highly recommended!


Josh Bazell


Ethan Canin


Anton Chekhov


Deepak Chopra


Don Coldsmith


Michael Crichton


Robin Cook


Arthur Conan Doyle


Atul Gawande


Tess Gerritsen


Jerome Groopman


Khaled Hosseini


John Keats


Sherwin Nuland


Oliver Sacks


Jill Bolte Taylor


Abraham Verghese


William Carlos Williams


Did I forget your favorite? Leave a comment.