Q is for Quilts

Quilting is a definite part of the American craft landscape. I can imagine the early pioneers creating these padded coverings to ward off the cold of the frontier, as well as trying to create something that would liven up their spartan homes. Today, those antique homemade quilts are treasured; and more and more people are trying their hands at making their own. (I succumbed to the impulse a few years ago and started making one for my mother. Needless to say, with my procrastination proclivities, the unfinished item is still in a bag in the closet. So close…)

You don’t actually have to be crafty to enjoy the final product. Most how-to books offer a number of photos detailing the inspiration and the history behind many designs. Several fiction books  also play off the ideas of the quilting bee and the meaning of quilts. Check out one of these titles and peruse it while snuggling beneath your own favorite quilt! (Don’t forget to take a look at the quilt-of-the-month display inside the Library.)


365 Foundation Quilt Blocks – Linda Causee

American Folk Art Quilts – Maggi McCormick Gordon

American Quilts & Coverlets in the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Amelia Peck

American Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007 – Robert Shaw

America’s Best Quilting Projects – Marianne Fons

The Art of the Handmade Quilt – Nancy Brenan Daniel

The Art Quilt – Robert Shaw

The Classic American Quilt Collection

Community Quilts: How to Organize, Design, and Make a Group Quilt – Karol Kavaya

The Crazy Quilt Handbook – Judith Montano

How to Make an Amish Quilt: More than 80 Beautiful Patterns from the Quilting Heartland of America – Rachel T. Pellman

Learning to Quilt the Traditional Way – Annlee Landman

Passionate Patchwork: Over 20 Original Quilt Designs – Kate Fassett

The Quilt I.D. Book: 4,000 Illustrated and Indexed Patterns – Judy Rehmel

Quilt Inspirations from Africa: A Caravan of Ideas, Patterns, Motifs, and Techniques – Kaye England

Quilt National: Contemporary Designs in Fabric

Quilted Planet: A Sourcebook of Quilts from Around the World – Celia Eddy

Southwest by Southwest: Native American and Mexican Designs for Quilters – Kirstin Olsen



Elm Creek Quilt series – Jennifer Chiaverini (look here for the correct order)

The Persian Pickle Club – Sandra Dallas

Benni Harper series –  Earlene Fowler (look here for correct order)

Stitches in Time – Barbara Michaels

How to Make an American Quilt – Whitney Otto

American Quilt series – Jane Peart (look here for correct order)

The Wedding Ring – Emilie Richards


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