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Best Books of the Year – 2010

If it’s December, it’s time for lists. There are nice and naughty lists, gift lists, lists for shopping, even lists of lists. But the best lists of all (at least to librarians) are the best books of the year. Whether you’re interested in seeing how your reading over the past year stacks up to the critics, or if you’re interested in picking up a book to tide you over during the holidays, these are the lists for you.

Again, we’ve chosen three organizations that we feel represent a wide swath of interests: Publisher’s Weekly, which chooses the best from a variety of genres;, which includes a lot of popular materials; and The New York Times, which looks at more literary choices. Place a hold for a book online, or grab one off of our “Best of” display inside the Library.

Of course, there’s always some overlap. Here are the titles that made all three lists:





Next week – see the TFPL staff favorites for the year!