Around the World – Peru

Machu Picchu at sunset

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through our year-long “around the world” journey? Just to recap, we’ve visited Nepal, Botswana, Portugal, Paris (France),  Belize, and Burma. I’ve been having so much fun – and learning a ton – that I may just continue this look into next year…

This month, we visit Peru, which sits on the Pacific Coast of South America. Peru is the home of the Incas, a highly developed nation-state that was eventually conquered by the Spanish under Francisco Pizarro. Today, it’s home to about 30 million people, most of whom live in the urban areas.

Other interesting facts:

  • Machu Picchu, called the “Lost City of the Incas” remained largely forgotten (except by locals) until it was “recovered in 1911.
  • Peru has been a member of the UN since 1949, and of the eight Secretary-Generals that have served, Javier Perez de Cuellar (1982-1991) was Peruvian.
  • Geographically, the Andes divide the country into three regions – a coastal plain along the Pacific, the mountains, and the Amazon plain in the east.


The CanopyAngela Elwell Hunt

City of Silver: A Mystery – Annamaria Alfieri

God of Luck – Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Excavation – James Rollins

Lima Nights – Marie Arana

The Lost City – Henry Shukman

Sunflower – Richard Paul Evans

Treasures of the Sun: A South-Western Story – Theodore V. Olsen

Useful Fools – C.A. Schmidt

When Mountains Walked – Kate Wheeler



Between the Lines: The Mystery of the Giant Ground Drawings of Ancient Nasca, Peru – Anthony F. Aveni

Cradle of Gold: The Story of Hiram Bingham, a Real-Life Indiana Jones, and the Search for Machu Picchu – Christopher Heaney

Eight Feet in the Andes – Dervla Murphy

A Fish in the Water: A Memoir – Mario Llosa Vargas

A Land of Ghosts: The Braided Lives of People and the Forest in Far Western Amazonia – David G. Campbell

Lori: My Daughter, Wrongfully Imprisoned in Peru – Rhoda Berenson

The Mapmaker’s Wife: A True Tale of Love, Murder, and Survival in the Amazon – Robert Whitaker

Modern Latin America – Thomas E. Skidmore

Monuments of the Incas – John Hemming

Peru Before Pizarro – George Bankes



CIA World Factbook: Peru

Country of Peru Official Tourism Council

Machu Picchu: UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Wikipedia: Peru

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