Beach Reads – Thrillers

Before we get into the thrillers:

Don’t forget to check out the Summer Reading page.

Dialogue on Idaho Public Television recently did a show on Summer Reading. They invited author Anthony Doerr, who is finishing his stint as the Idaho Writer-in-Residence, to comment on his choices for the year. Click here to get a list of his recommendations or to watch the episode.

Now on with the show. This week, we’re looking for beach reads in the thriller genre. (If you need a definition of a beach read, check out the previous post.) The definition of a “thriller” is a bit more vague than that of a romance – and no, it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Here, I’m defining a thriller as a book in which our hero/heroine are in peril virtually every step of the way, and action – especially running from something – is a huge part of advancing the plot.

Whether they’re writing legal, medical, political, espionage, or historical thrillers, here are 20 of the best:

David Baldacci

Lee Child

Robin Cook

Clive Cussler

Jeffery Deaver

Barry Eisler

Linda Fairstein

Vince Flynn

Alan Furst

Tess Gerritsen

Heather Graham

John Grisham

Andrew Gross

Tami Hoag

Alex Kava

Dean Koontz

Robert Ludlum

Christopher Reich

James Rollins

Lisa Scottoline

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