Think back to January – We know that’s a long way off, but you can do it. Remember that resolution you made? No, not the one about losing ten pounds. And not the one about giving up “________”. Wasn’t there one phrased something like “read more”? That’s the one. Here’s your chance to tackle it.


“Master the Art of Reading”

Master the Art of ReadingIt’s easier than you think!

1 – Read a book, any book!

We’ve got some great suggestions at the Ref Desk, and as the summer continues, we’ll have suggestions from other patrons, too.

2 – Fill out a simple recommendation form.

These are available here or in the library. For each form you complete, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a great prize. (See below.) ALSO – TFPL July & August Book Club choices are worth two entries. And, if you attend one of the Adult Summer Reading Programs, you’ll get an extra entry.

3 – Win a great prize!

This year, we’re giving away “Book Lover’s Bags”. Inside one of them is an Mp3 player; another contains a $25 Magic Valley Mall gift card. Drop by and see what other surprises are included…

Check out the official Summer Reading page for more information! You can also stop by the Reference Desk or send us an email.

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