Cool Summer Reads

What would summer be without our all-time favorites: backyard grilling, freshly-mown grass, and visits to the Library? No, really; I’m serious. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself this season, you can’t do better than relaxing with a good book. Let us give you a few ideas for inspiration…

From Books to Movies – We all know the book is always better, so before you make it to the multiplex this summer, read the books first. (The movie’s release date is also included, so you can be sure to finish reading before the movie comes out!)

Classic Summer Reads – In my mind, there are two kinds of summer reads: ones that are light and require little energy or ones that are absorbing and help you escape for a few hours. This list will give you a little bit of both.

2009, So Far – These are all books that have received good “buzz” so far this year. Not to mention have the recommendations of some of the Library staff. Enjoy!


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  1. Posted by Bob Berentz on June 25, 2009 at 8:57 am

    Are Computers .. at odds with reading books? ANSWER : No!

    Not if you are reading about stuff that really happened, like biographies. I always stop as I’m reading and go to the computer. I have bookmarked Google Image. If an explorer is in Wyoming and talking about the battle of the Rosebud .. at the Google Image window I type WY Battle of the Rosebud Map. A picture is worth a thousand words. You lock in a picture of WY and exactly where the battle took place .. just South of Custer’s Last Stand .. ten thousand shots fired by our forces and ten thousand by the native Americans who had better rifles than the U.S. soldiers. The native Americans slipped away and then met Custer.

    Now, go read Custer’s book, “My life on the Plains” “On the Border with Crook” an officer at the Redbud that didn’t get wiped out. I like to read four books about the same event and then you have lives “crossing trails” and different views of the same event and a better rounded picture of history. (Custer’s friends jumped on Crook and said Custer was wiped out because of him, he should have chased the Indians up to Custer and joined forces with him — Crook had two thousand civilian mule skinners exposed to attack and 1800 mules and wagons that he fell back and protected and didn’t have a clue where the Indians had gone, all his Indian scouts deserted him). Custer graduated last in his class at West Point — Crook was a good student.


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