A Few Good Blogs

If you’re anything like me, you go through phases with books. One phase is the “nothing interests me” phase, during which I begin a number of books only to wrinkle my nose and toss them aside after a few pages. I much prefer the “everything interests me” phase, but that’s an entirely different subject.

So, my cure for the “nothing interests me” blues is to seek out as many recommendations as I can. Typically, I start with friends, but I’ve also found a few good blogs that have helped me on my path to book recovery. Here are a few places to try when you’re looking for something new.

Blogging for a Good Book – Run by the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia, the librarians here post a review a day.

Shelf Talk – Run by the Seattle Public Library, this blog includes book reviews as well as other library-related discussions.

Turning the Page – Run by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, this blog features newer books as well as “undiscovered treasures”.

Paper Cuts – Run by the New York Times, find reviews, podcasts, author interviews, and other sundry book items.

Happy Book Hunting!

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