What are you hungry for? (And we don’t necessarily mean food!)

Eating and reading — two sensual activities that go together well. At least, that’s what we seem to find, based on the amount of books that feature food as a topic (as well as those books that feature food physically — some of you are eating while you read…).

Join us on Friday, August 1st at Noon as we present a book talk called “You Read What You Eat”. We’ll be sharing books about the history of food, the cultural impact of food, and food memoirs. We’ll also talk about a number of novels that use food, in all its glories, as a main element. Finally, we’ve got a fun, interactive quiz that will help you decide what kind of book you’re actually hungry for.

So, stop by TFPL on the 1st, bring a lunch to enjoy, and get some great ideas for books to satisfy your cravings. We’ve got one for readers of every taste!

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  1. Great job at PNLA! Would it be possible to get a copy of the quiz given during your You Read What You Eat workshop? I’d love to be able to share it with our staff.

    Thank you.


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